Anti Slavery Statement



Our Approach 

Clinton Enterprises (Overseas) recognises its responsibility to respect human rights throughout its operations. 


We are committed to ensuring that people are treated with dignity and respect by upholding internationally recognised human rights principles encompassed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labour Organisation’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. 


Our approach is to implement the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UN Guiding Principles) and to recognise and manage the risk of harm associated with our business, including modern slavery, unsatisfactory working conditions, discrimination, lack of freedom of association, retained wages, working excessive hours, human trafficking and forced or bonded labour, particularly to the most vulnerable and exploited, such as women and children. 


As a business we shall seek to avoid infringing the human rights of others and work to address any adverse human rights impacts we identify. Based on salient risk analysis of our operations and activities we have identified five key stakeholder groups who have the greatest potential to be impacted or harmed and where Clinton Enterprises (Overseas)’s attention should be primarily focused and these are:


  • People working for Clinton Enterprises (Overseas) suppliers and business partners


  • People working for service providers to Clinton Enterprises (Overseas) 


  • Employees of all Clinton Enterprises (Overseas) group companies 


  • Communities whose environment is impacted by the sourcing and manufacture of Clinton Enterprises (Overseas) products, such as by water pollution from Clinton Enterprises (Overseas) suppliers’ factories 


• Clinton Enterprises (Overseas) Customers in relation to their safety, privacy and right not to be discriminated against. 



Our Commitment 

We take seriously any allegation of human rights abuse in all its forms and will not tolerate human rights’ abuse against individuals within Clinton Enterprises (Overseas) key stakeholder groups. 

Clinton Enterprises (Overseas) is committed to respecting internationally recognised human rights, and in particular we will undertake all reasonable and practical steps in relation to the following: -

Requiring that safe, healthy and secure working conditions are provided, which are free from discrimination and which allow freedom of association and a fair wage for people within Clinton Enterprises (Overseas) supply chain and within Clinton Enterprises (Overseas).

Not tolerating any forms of modern slavery, human trafficking, forced labour or child labour against any individual working for Clinton Enterprises (Overseas suppliers or Clinton Enterprises (Overseas) business partners or within the Clinton Enterprises (Overseas).

Treating Clinton Enterprises (Overseas) customers, those working for or with Clinton Enterprises (Overseas), fairly and without discrimination.

Respecting the human rights of people in communities impacted by our operations. 

Clinton Enterprises (Overseas) has policies and procedures in place to identify, prevent or mitigate human rights’ risks and remediate any adverse impact operations may have caused or contributed to. 

Our Aims

For Clinton Enterprises (Overseas) suppliers, business partners and employees of the Clinton Enterprises (Overseas) Limited, to understand and comply with this policy -

To ensure that all of our direct contractual arrangements, procurement principles and training supports respect for human rights by all Clinton Enterprises (Overseas) employees, suppliers and business partners

To work with our Clinton Enterprises (Overseas) suppliers and business partners in a collaborative manner to build awareness of human rights impacts. 

We recognise that preventing, detecting and reporting instances of human rights abuse connected with Clinton Enterprises (Overseas) business operations, including modern slavery, is the responsibility of Clinton Enterprises (Overseas) and of all of our suppliers, business partners and employees of Clinton Enterprises (Overseas).